ux - ui / da
motion design


2020 - 2021




This project is a long-term project. During my master's studies in art direction and UX we had to create a digital solution, a brand and a viable service by creating the identity, its business plan and everything that comes from it. A friend of mine had the idea of creating a digital menu for restaurants and bars, at the end of his studies, he did not want to realize the new project so with another friend took up the concept in order to improve it, refine it and finally make it a reality.

After 1 year and a half of studies, research, conception, design and development, we have a finished product, a reliable and scalable version 1. Menyu is a web-app allowing the restaurateur and bar to digitize their menu thanks to a dashboard where they add, modify, delete their menus, the recipes of the moment.

All in real time, translatable into several languages, and all with custom themes for the display of their menu. By scanning a QR Code on the corner of the table, the restaurant customer will have access to a responsive application of the menu. No more PDFs or laborious exchanges with agencies, the restaurateur is master of his digital card, and all thanks to the free version of Menyu.


After taking up the memory of our friend, Jessy Dupin to study the market, adjusted and improved the concept while exchanging with the small team that he knew how to compose naturally. Once fixed I took over the existing models in order to create a strong identity, a simple and efficient ergonomics of the service.

After a few weekends and evenings spent behind the screen, the product was finished, all I had to do was realize the motion design of the illustrations. This was followed by the relentless development of Menyu and its production.

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