cyber yokai
sci-fi mask


ART Direction




Since 2014, during my work-study at DAN Paris / TBWA Paris, I discovered the world of 3D and motion in Cinema 4D and Element 3D (After-Effect). Following this discovery, I was curious and started to learn 4D Cinema on my own, and I never stopped exploring.

Today, Blender having made new updates and being able to use the Octane rendering engine for free, I have learned for a year to use Blender and its nodal system. Cyber Yokai Mask, is a project in which I wanted to mix Japanese culture and the Cyberpunk universe, sci-fi that I like very much.


I first researched the different Yokai and their stories, and then created photobashings to give me a direction and graphic style of the masks.

After that, I started to create the topology of the mask and create the different elements to compose the first mask. Afterwards, I declined my ideas for the other masks with the graphic identity that I had posed beforehand.

In this project, I wanted to play with textures, patterns, lights that reflect on surfaces, but also transparency. To finally create 3 Posters in horizontal and vertical format.

Vibrant Energy