Is a collection of recent work
By Artistic Director, Vincent Vimont
Available for freelance


Vincent Vimont is an Art Director who specializes in web-design, interaction and motion.

he works with companies, agencies, startups, and Individual.

If you want to collaborate, Feel Free to Reach Out arcane.designer At gmail.com


Bunch of his projects
as A CREATIVE Director

Cyber Yokai

3D Design

MAY 2021

Vibrant Energy

3D Design

JUNE 2021

Citizen Press

Art Direction & Motion Design

Sept. 2021


Art Direction & UX - UI Design

Août 2021


Art Direction & UX - UI Design

June 2021


Art Direction, UX - UI Design & Motion

Sept. 2020-21


Art Direction & UX - UI Design

July 2021


UX - UI Design & Motion

Sept. 2021

Other Projects

Passioned about photography, motion, music, travel, 3D, and sci-fi. He enjoys to play with textures, lights, colors, movement, rhythm, composition, and typography in his web-design and motion design.
Driven by the desire to learn and grow every day, he constantly tries to enhance his knowledge.

‍He’s been seven years working for and with agencies, startups like TBWA\Paris, DAN Paris, Babel, Les Temps Modernes, PLDev… He likes to collaborate with different talents during the entire process of a project, from conceptualization to the production, through the artistic direction and the motion design.

He likes the synergy and the exchange of experiences that you can have with an independent studio and all these talents. He also enjoyed working on a larger scale with creative agencies on tenders and with larger brands.

He doesn't have a favorite sector, but if he had to choose, he likes the world of fashion, events or new environmentally friendly products whether consumable or beauty products, but also modern and refined high-tech products.

Learn and grow every day since 2014